Andrey Romanyuk

The three phases of prototyping and how to understand the fidelity of each prototype.

How to Develop an Impressive Prototyping Process

Prototyping is a vital part of the design thinking process and in this article, I’d like to illustrate what prototype fidelities we use and why — to better understand and manage user expectations. “How it works” Vs. “How it looks” For a better...

The Benefits of a Design Prototype

How a Design Prototype Can Save You Time & Money

A design prototype is an interactive visualization of your future product or service: created to facilitate, collect and implement end-user feedback. Many use prototyping in their software development process. However, not everyone utilizes its full...

Digital Prototyping App Flow

How to Innovate with Digital Prototyping

At the heart of every innovation, there’s a consumer insight that is followed by an idea, or a solution. Design Thinking is one of the best ways to make sure the innovation would be meaningful by brainstorming improvements based on consumer...

Josh Barker