Nora Bylsma

Empathy is Important for Design Thinking

This is Why Empathy Needs to Drive Design Thinking

Having empathy is an important skill. Recently I learned the importance of employing empathy within Design Thinking. While I don’t have a background in design, I wanted to learn more about the process and how best to support our team and clients...

Border Crossing for Innovation in the Workplace

Border Crossing Boosts Innovation in the Workplace

Border crossing refers to the practice of going beyond preconceived categories of what is legitimate and what is not. We can achieve innovation in the workplace by placing greater importance on understanding our employees. What is Border Crossing...

Story Mapping on a Whiteboard

Story Mapping for Your Internal Team

Our team uses story mapping to strategize with customers. It allows for collaboration by creating a story of what a product will look like and how it will be built. From a Project Manager’s internal perspective, story mapping is incredibly helpful...

Balancing Life as a Work From Home Mom

How to Stay Sane as a Work from Home Mom

Multi-tasking isn’t great for anyone’s productivity, but as a work from home mom, it’s unavoidable. So how do you make the most of your time so that you are keeping your little one busy and challenged, make that deadline for the blog post you’re...

Remote Community Blog Post

The Paradox of a Remote Community

In the digital age, we are seeing more and more remote communities aggregate through online platforms. Some are genuine and some give a false sense of belonging. It is important in the remote-work world that organizations are providing their...

Josh Barker